Community Health

Community Health

Community Health Diploma equips individuals to excel in community health roles, addressing health needs effectively.

Assistant Community Health Officer: Level 6 (Diploma)

Diploma in Community Health course consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to effectively discharge community health works and contribute towards meeting health needs and requirements.

The units of competency leading to the Diploma in Community Health qualification include seven basic, five common, and eight core competencies, and four months of mentorship in an active community health unit at a health facility. The duration for this course is 24 months.

On successful completion of all units of learning, a trainee will be awarded a Diploma in Assistant Community Health Officer Certificate level 6 issued by TVET CDACC in conjunction with Kenya School for Integrated Medicine.

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Find answers to common questions about our course

What are the Job opportunities in Counselling Psychology?

Job opportunities in organisations, health including hospitals and hospices, social welfare including pastors of religion, social workers and in education, community and rehabilitation, and human resource management. At our health college in Kwale Kenya, we support the student's job search at the Career Training Center.

How do we teach Counselling Psychology at our health college in Kwale Kenya?

The programme at Kenya School for Integrated Medicine provides professional and practical qualifications in real-life counselling expertise.

What services I can offer after graduation?

Sensitizing communities for uptake of quality health services Managing common ailments and minor injuries Behaviour Change & Linking the Community to Health Care Services Data collection to ensure compliance with health measures.

What is a possible Career Progression in community health?

With a Certificate, you can work as a Community Health Assistant, with a Diploma as an Assistant Community Health Officer, and with a degree you can become a Community Health Officer.

Where can I work after graduation?

Examples in Hospitals National & County Government (Public Health Department), Community Health Centers, Health-related Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations

What are the Job opportunities in community health?

Prosperous career possibilities with many employers and especially with the national and county governments. At our health college in Kwale Kenya, we support the student's job search at the Career Training Center.

How do we teach Community Health at our health college in Kwale Kenya?

We at the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine provide practical education and training skills which are responsive and relevant to Kenya’s healthcare needs and the job market. We encourage self-employment while at the same time producing skilled community health practitioners.

What is Community Health?

Community health focuses on the physical, mental and social well-being of the people in the community through promotive, preventive and rehabilitative care adapted to their respective needs.

Where can I study Community Health in Kwale, Kenya?

At the Kenya School of Integrated Medicine a health college in Kwale, Kenya. We offer diploma and certificate programmes in Community Health.

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