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Find answers to common questions about our Homeopathic Clinic.

Can I combine Alternative Medicine, Homoeopathy or Holistic Medicine with Conventional Medicine?

The combination of alternative and conventional medicine can be successful, it is called complementary medicine. Conventional medicine and complementary medicine follow two different approaches. Orthodox doctors look for symptoms and organic changes. Complementary doctors, on the other hand, are interested in the triggers of the disease. They also base their analysis on the patient's biography, environment, strengths and weaknesses. If the conventional treatment of a disease does not work as desired, complementary medicine can offer a natural alternative. It complements ongoing therapy or sometimes even replaces it. Examples are the treatment of hay fever, rheumatic complaints or other chronic diseases.

What is an alternative medicine?

It is an alternative medical system other than conventional Western medicine. These include traditional Chinese medicine, homoeopathy and herbalism. All of these procedures require certification and the practitioner is called a doctor. Alternative medicine is used instead of conventional medicine, although some people use both procedures together. The growing popularity of alternative medicine is largely due to the spread of homoeopathy. This 250-year-old science was developed in the 18th century by the German Dr Samuel Hahnemann. One of the most important principles of homoeopathy is the law of similars. It states that "like is cured with like". "In other words, a substance causes symptoms of disease in a healthy person when given in large doses. If we administer the same substance in minute quantities, it will cure the disease in a sick person". Hahnemann had very different ideas about the body than his colleagues who practised conventional medicine. He believed in the concept of "constitution", that is, the idea that the body must be treated as a whole and that the right remedy would literally "crank up" the system to heal itself at the most basic level. In this way, homoeopathy would not treat disease, but heal the body. The second principle is the law of imbalance, which states that "substances become stronger when they are diluted".

What is a holistic medicine?

The definition of the term is that holism is a philosophy that believes in treating the whole person and integrating mind, body and spirit. Holism holds the belief that these three elements of a person must be treated together to achieve any "healing" at all, rather than simply treating a person for a particular illness or injury. In the holistic belief system, illness and injury are often the result of disharmony between the mind, body and spirit, which are considered as one. The disharmony can often be caused by a dysfunction in one of these areas. However, holistic medicine assumes that a dysfunction in one area affects the whole person and not just that one area of the body.

What can homoeopathy not treat?

Don't use homoeopathic medicine for life-threatening illnesses, like asthma, cancer, and heart disease, or in emergencies. You should also avoid using it in place of vaccines.

For what illnesses can I go to the Kenya School for Integrated Homoeopathic Clinic?

Homoeopathy is used to treat an extremely wide range of conditions, including physical conditions and psychological conditions such as depression. Especially for chronic diseases, which cannot be cured with conventional medicine, homoeopathy can be an alternative form of medicine.

Are you offering Homeopathic Services at the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine?

Yes, we offer at the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine Homoeopathic Services for external clients and students at our Homoeopathic Clinic. We were the first Homoeopathic college in Kenya, therefore we have years of experience with homoeopathic treatments.

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