Post Graduate Course

Post Graduate courses

The Kenya School for Integrated Medicine offers ongoing post graduate courses, both for graduates of the school and also medical graduates from other Kenyan medical schools, including KMTC’s and MTC’s.

Post Graduate Course

The following programs are offered:

  1. Two Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for students and graduates of the Kenya school. These are 2-3 day courses, held at the school on all homeopathic and allied health subjects.
  2. A three-week intensive certificate course in homeopathy for graduates of nursing and medical schools, including public health programs. The course will give a thorough introduction to the principles and practice of homeopathy and how it can be introduced into existing health care practices. A certificate will be given from the Faculty of Homeopathy, London, England.
  3. A twelve-month part-time program, continuing on from the intensive three week program. This program will be designed to allow medical practitioners to fully integrate homeopathy into their practice and will give them the knowledge necessary for professional practice. A separate diploma from the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine will be given as well as the certificate from the Faculty of Homeopathy, UK.