About us

Our Vision:

To offer unique health education and support the development of healthcare in Kenya

Our Mission:

To empower a new generation of healthcare workers and support the provision of accessible, affordable and effective healthcare for all Kenyans

Kenya School for Integrated Medicine was established in 2007 with the vision of bringing the best educational opportunities for young people in Kenya, particularly in Kwale County. Our mode of teaching offers an integrated approach to healthcare.  Currently we are the only private Health College in Kwale County offering this unique combination of healthcare options. By working directly with the MOH Kwale County our students are gaining work experience during their attachments in local hospitals. In this way we are able to contribute directly to the healthcare needs of the community.

Kenya School for Integrated Medicine (KSIM) aims to improve community health through offering high quality of health care training and linking it directly to a more holistic and integrated approach in health care. We are embracing competency based learning methods to give students a comprehensive and exciting learning experience.

Kenya School for Integrated Medicines’ interventions are based on the following pillars:

  • Expanding health care opportunities by offering education at certificate and  diploma courses in Community Health, Community Development  and Social Work, Counselling Psychology, Nutrition and Dietetics and Horticulture.
  • We are striving to ensure that the students trained at Kenya School for Integrated Medicine complete their Health education programs successfully with the focus on preparing them to get employment into the health sector.
  • Through the  Community Health activities like mobile clinics we are reaching out and providing health care to people in the county. We are contributing to rural health care by reaching out to those living in remote areas. This is part of our support of the community health strategy of Kenya.
  • By offering a new approach in community and public health care with Integrated Medicine we are providing needed healthcare to local communities.
  • By collaborating with local government and other medical training institutes within Kenya and Internationally we are maintaining high standards in our education and healthcare programs.