Academic Standards

Academic Standards

Our Institution seeks to establish and maintain the highest academic standards. We strive for the highest levels of academic excellence through a rigorous learning experience and by adhering to high levels of teaching skills, evaluation methods and accountability.

Students are given guidance to develop high standards of learning and achievement through taking responsibility for their learning experience. Self-study and self-reflection are encouraged and individual projects are an essential part of the ongoing evaluation process.

Students coming to the Institution are being instilled with the responsibilities of becoming “adult learners” and moving away from rote learning skills. Adults learn through experience and what is termed “problem based learning” where they are encouraged to find solutions themselves and become active learners.

We pay great attention to the environment in which learning takes place, ensuring that there is a conducive atmosphere for learning and the overall experience of being a college student. Although some students may have more apparent natural ability to study, it is our belief that with the right direction and incentives, everybody can excel according to their own ability. Learning is not just taking in information but owning the learning experience and that happens when students are inspired to learn and to embrace their whole experience at college.