Certificate and diploma course

Our clinical program

In mobile clinics, hospitals and our own special integrated medicine clinic, students take direct responsibility for representing clients in actual cases/matters under the supervision of our professional team of teachers and instructors who are expert practitioners in their fields.

Community Healthcare

Healthcare in Kenya is developing rapidly, with the challenge of Universal Health Coverage being embraced.

Community Health is an essential part of a comprehensive healthcare strategy for the country and a national Strategy for Community Health has been in place for over ten years. A five year strategy has been rolled out looking to support community health through the establishment of Community Health Units and to support Community Health Volunteers/Workers.

These workers are active in the community collecting health data and monitoring health issues in the county. Also, trainings can take place in the Community Units, which help develop health seeking behaviour and other health related activities.

We have been engaged in the Community Strategy for five years and given many trainings to the communities, as well as supporting the Community Health Volunteers. We have embarked on trainings in Permaculture, Natural Medicine, Nutrition Security and also trainings in Community Led Total Sanitation.

The goal is to establish a healthy environment and lessen the burden on health facilities and local hospitals.

We have also been training Community Health Assistants with our certificate and diploma programmes, as well as our Nutrition programmes, our aim being to produce the next generation of community based healthcare workers.

We are engaged in offering clinical services to many communities that have challenges in accessing health care. Our students do internship activities at both community and facility levels in Kwale County and surrounding counties. Our commitment is to serve the community in the best way possible by making health care accessible and affordable.