Certificate and diploma course

Our clinical program

In mobile clinics, hospitals and our own special integrated medicine clinic, students take direct responsibility for representing clients in actual cases/matters under the supervision of our professional team of teachers and instructors who are expert practitioners in their fields.

Clinical Programs

Direct clinical experience is one of the most important parts of learning any medical art. It is where all the theory of learning becomes real and the student has to be given ample exposure to real clinical situations in order to consolidate their learning experience.

Students in our Nutrition and Dietetics program and our Community Health and HIV/AIDS management program all complete necessary attachments in local hospitals and community based clinics.

Students in our homeopathy diploma program complete extensive clinical supervision and internship in our on-site clinic and our external off-site clinics and mobile clinics, which are run by our homeopathic graduates and supervised by experienced international teachers.

Students gain considerable access to real clinical situations, beginning in the 2nd year of training. Three levels of clinical experience are offered:

  1. Observation of experienced practitioners
  2. Being supervised and observed by experienced teachers while doing a homeopathic interview and analysis
  3. Having independent experience evaluated and analyzed

All necessary clinical skills are evaluated and assessed and become a vital part of the overall evaluation of professional competency.

Clinical hours give students the opportunity to practice health under the supervision of experts in their field of practice; Students receive regular feedback on their work throughout the clinical placement. It provides the students a range of hands-on experience, including interviewing, counseling, and advising clients and collaborating with other students and health care workers.


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