Recognition & Affiliation



Kenya School for Integrated Medicine is in a partnership with the Ministry of Health – Kwale County, as part of a five year project sponsored through the European Union. This project is seeking to support the Kwale County Health System through public health initiatives and including introducing a model of Integrated Medicine at a community level. KSIM is providing trained personnel who are educated in both conventional and alternative forms of medicine to work in the local health system and help Kwale County improve healthcare outcomes.


Kenya School of Integrated Medicine is affiliated with the North Coast Medical Training College

Kenya School for Integrated Medicine (KSIM) and the North Coast Medical Training College ( offer similar programs and have had a number of exchange visits so students get experience of another campus and meet other fellow students.

KSIM is choosing to use the Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management Program offered through the Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development (KISWCD). We are grateful for the support and generosity of KISWCD in supporting  us.


KSIM is recognized by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), Licensed through Kenya Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (KNDI) and accredited through  The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

KSIM is also affiliated with the Faculty of Homeopathy (UK) which allows the school to offer its international certification examination as part of its homeopathy program.